Like many people, I grew up playing the classics - Monopoly, Scrabble, Sorry, Clue...

But it wasn't until college (let's say around 2009) that I was introduced to a particular "gateway" game you may have heard of - Settlers of Catan. At first I was hesitant to join the table and duke it out with roommates over sheep and the longest road, but eventually I grew tired of missing out on late night shenanigans with some of my dearest friends. I'm not sure if I actually ever won a game, but the shared experiences, hilarious moments, meaningful conversations, and epic finales all created something - a deeper sense of community. No doubt it was a new season and I never could have anticipated how influential those memories would be for future endeavors.

Fast forward ten years - I'm well engrossed in the modern era of board games and even have attended a few gaming conventions. Titles like Race for the Galaxy, Through the Ages, Viticulture, and Dominion are now favorites I may never have known existed. Life landed me in Cincinnati, the city of craft beer, and it wasn't long before my appetite for gaming grew to include a hearty brew. The experience was evolving and it led me to wonder if it really mattered whether or not we played on a premier board game table, had custom accessories, or played theme music to immerse ourselves even more.

Those extra toppings aren't required, but why not take it all to the next level? It's those times that I remember the most.

Elevating the board game experience is not an end in itself, but a means for building and enjoying relationships, for experiencing the unique and creative community that the ever-expanding hobby offers. The idea for VICTORY PINTS was born to give everyone the opportunity to embark on this same journey.

This story isn't just about me though. It's about the hundreds of people I've played with over the years, those who have dreamed of opening a venue, and the many who came together, providing insight and support, to make VICTORY PINTS a reality. Our aim is simple - to elevate your board game experience.

VICTORY PINTS is for you!

- Riley Mullins, Owner