Players: 2-7
Complexity: 3/10
Duration: 45-60 min.
Age: 8+

"To bean or not to bean?"

Bean farming was never so much fun! In Bohnanza, you have two or three bean fields and a handful of bean cards to plant in those fields. When you sell beans, you earn more for growing more of one variety than a few several. Thus, you want to plant as many of your favorites as you can. But you must plant the beans in your hand in the order you got them. To get rid of the beans you don't want to plant, you trade them to other players for those you want. With clever trading, you get the cars you want without helping the other players too much. In the end, the player who warns the most gold is the winner!

Not everyone can be a successful bean farmer!

Bohnanza - How to Play


154 Bean cards
7 Third bean field cards
1 Rulebook