Players: 2-10
Complexity: 3/10
Duration: 15-30 min.
Age: 10+

In Coup: Reformation, each player must declare himself either Loyalist or Reformist and can target only members of the other faction. Conversion is possible, however, for yourself or for another player by paying a charitable donation to the Almshouse (Treasury). Like all factions, once you have eliminated or converted the other group, you just descend into in-fighting, so there’s still only one winner and no second place.

Coup: Reformation adds a new fluid team dynamic to Coup as players jostle with their allegiance to take advantage or seek protection in the early stages of the game

Coup: Reformation - How to Play


15 Character Cards
10 Faction Cards
1 Almshouse
1 Rulebook

Editions - Iterations